Q-MAX lighting filters for professional SSTV lighting

Q-MAX offers you a variety of hundreds of different colours and tints. With Q-MAX filters you have the option of choosing between nearly all colours you might know from other brand named manufacturers like LEE Filters, ROSCO and GAMCOLOR.

These are the advantages of Q-MAX filters:

  • Q-MAX filters are marked for easier measurement.
  • Q-MAX filters have a number indicator at the top of the roll, specifying the colour number and name.
  • Q-MAX filters are supplied on rolls with only 26mm diameter, which saves space when transporting and stocking.
  • Q-MAX filters are numbered in accordance with LEE Filters’ industry standard, with only 3 exceptions. For products from Rosco Labs and other suppliers, please see our conversion table.
  • Q-MAX filters are designed for longevity and colour permanency, so filters have to be exchanged less frequently.
  • Q-MAX filters are designed by one of the leading distributors for professional entertainment lighting, according to requirements and specifications provided by experienced lighting technicians, and manufactured by a reputable company in the UK. The result is something to be proud of: in every theatre, on every stage, and for every film or television set.

Are you a distributor? We welcome enquiries for sales cooperation. Please send your details to distributor(at)q-max.net, and we will get back to you to discuss all options.

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